Seeking “Home” in the World - A Program for Internationals, Expats and Global Nomads

Achieve Clarity Around How to Take Charge of Your Life, Your Work, and Your Wealth to Shape Your Future and Finally Find “Home” in the World

Who Am I?

As an International, I felt lost in a new culture, again and again, as one who doesn’t fit in, isolated from friends and loved ones back in my home country. I wanted to feel accepted and at home.

  • I hid in a corner and waited for permission, for others to initiate, to invite me in.
  • I busied myself doing other people’s bidding.
  • I deferred to the needs and wants of others and pleased others at my own expense.
  • I froze at the slightest whiff of conflict.
  • I blanked out each time someone else chose to ‘define’ me.
  • I was accused of not doing enough, not having a backbone of my own.

To shape the life I wished to live, I knew I had to do something. It took me years to crack out from beneath the frozenness I felt, and then to start identifying what was taking my power and draining my energy.

I was able to interrupt old patterns and change the dynamics of power that held me captive. And I started to gain my freedom and take charge of my own life.

I now work with a wide array of people and have experience as both a psychotherapist and Process oriented Psychotherapist and Expat Coach. Having grown up in the international community of Geneva, I love working with Internationals, Expats, and Global Nomads. I have a unique ability to bring our patterns into sharp focus by virtue of our being in and out of various cultures. I am passionate about uncovering these and witnessing the transformation that occurs.

Lea Misan is an accomplished consultant in systemic psychotherapy and process-oriented psychology who is passionate and dedicated to helping people involved in a conflict, abuse, trauma and leadership. She is also a Facilitator, Trainer, Coach, Founder, and Director of the mental health charity, Act for Change.

A firm believer in continuous learning and development, Lea holds an LLB in Law from the London School of Economics and is a Fellow in Holocaust Education with the Imperial War Museum and a Fellow with the School of Social Enterprise. Lea is the author of two books, ‘A Body’s Call to Presence’ and ‘The Tribe Within’ (publication due in June 2023).

About My Program


Who It Is For?

  • Expats who feel isolated from friends and loved ones back in their home country and want to feel accepted and make a new home in their new surroundings
  • Global nomads who feel misunderstood, displaced, and disconnected who don’t fit into the culture
  • Internationals who are feeling lost and struggling to function at work in a new culture

Who It Is Not For?

  • People who are already high functioning in a foreign culture
  • People who are unwilling to be coached
  • People who want someone else to chart them a course in life instead of investing in themselves to do this work
Module one

Foundational Insights


  • Understand how you function in the workplace amidst your feeling lost in a new culture 
  • Discover why you feel the way you do
  • Acknowledge the impact your current situation has on your mood and mental state


Life can be a little discombobulated as an International in a new environment. If you want to overcome its challenges, first you will need to understand the why of your anxiety, low mood and disconnect.

Module two

Set Yourself Free


  • Gain freedom from limiting expectations and desires so that you might untether what’s possible for you
  • Regain your energy and live more fully
  • Discover how to become self-directed and create your dream life


Are you feeling drained and tired? Do you want to regain your energy and live more fully? In this module you will learn how to distance yourself from your current situation by setting yourself free from limiting expectations and creating a self-directed path of growth.

Module three

Dream The Future


  • Envision a more expansive life by creating a visual roadmap to your dreams
  • Discover new patterns to live your future self now 
  • Learn how to reframe your thinking to invite new behaviours that you’ll need to make your dream come true


In this module your desired future becomes a clear vision. You will uncover old patterns that are no longer serving you well and discover new patterns and behaviours that will accelerate the fulfilment of your dream life.

Module Four

Practice Change Dynamics


  • Learn how to resonate with this new pattern in the present 
  • Gain clarity on what needs to change in your current reality to embed the future dream into the present. 
  • Leverage incrementally into the future
  • Act in and on the world and achieve greater impact


Practice makes permanent. In this module, you will master how to practice incorporating your new patterns into your life so they become natural and familiar.

Module five

Chart Your Course


  • Create your step-by-step roadmap to make you feel at home in your new environment 
  • Recognise where you already are in relationship to that map
  • Chart your course to where you want to be


This is the module where you learn how to become self-directed. You will recognize where you are on your roadmap to feeling at ”home” and discover how to chart your own course from there to your dream future.

Module six

Don’t Travel Alone


  • Practice your new skills 
  • Embed patterns for expanded living 
  • Create new habits to anchor the change


You don’t have to do this alone. In this module, you will receive four weekly sessions of ongoing support to anchor new patterns beyond your perceived skill set and comfort zone. This is a truly joyous opportunity to create spaciousness for happiness that you cannot afford to miss.

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