Podcast 1: Seeking “Home” in the World with Act for Change with The New Nomad

Episode Notes

Across cultures and centuries, people of varied means have made homes for themselves and those they care about. The people who live with us and the material possessions with which we furnish our home space are essential aspects of the place where we dwell. Complex interactions with all these elements give a definition to home as we see it. And as we define home, we also define ourselves in relation to it. Cliche as it seems but home is where the heart is.

Lea Misan, Director of the mental health charity, Act for Change, joins Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski in this episode of The New Nomad. They discussed how we as humans crave connection more than anything and the same thing makes us thrive in this world. They also talked about building relationships impacts digital nomads the most, given their mobility, and creating meaningful connections would benefit their mobile lifestyle. So tune in this week and get ready to learn a lot about relationships, connections, and why no man should be an island.

[2:45] We don’t always have to choose sides

[7:50] How digital nomads deal with uncertainty

[10:07] Supporting each other as a team

[20:39] Travel to become more fluid

[22:33] We’re built for community, we’re built for connection

[26:57] Healing generations of wounds

Podcast 2:Creating Internal Self-Care With Coach Karena

Episode Notes

Set Yourself Free, Dreaming of the Future – Lea Misan

As an International, I felt lost in a new culture, again and again, as one who doesn’t fit in, isolated from friends and loved ones back in my home country. I wanted to feel accepted and at home.

I hid in a corner and waited for permission to invite me in for others to initiate.

I busied myself doing other people’s bidding.

I deferred to the needs and wants of others and pleased others at my own expense.

I froze at the slightest whiff of conflict.

I blanked out each time someone else chose to ‘define’ me.

I was accused of not doing enough and not having a backbone of my own.

To shape the life I wished to live, I knew I had to do something. It took me years to crack out from beneath the frozenness I felt and then to start identifying what was taking my power and draining my energy.

I was able to interrupt old patterns and change the dynamics of power that held me captive. And I started to gain my freedom and take charge of my own life.

My organization provides coaching, psychotherapy, and group work to Internationals, Expats, and Global Nomads in particular, but also many people.

Lea Misan is an accomplished consultant in systemic psychotherapy and process-oriented psychology who is passionate and dedicated to helping people involved in conflict, abuse, trauma, and leadership. She is also a Facilitator, Trainer, Coach, Founder, and Director of the mental health charity, Act for Change.


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Podcast 3:Die Ausländer with Lea Misan and Marc Alcobé Talló

Episode Notes

Die Ausländer with Lea Misan and Marc Alcobé Talló.

A psychologist and expat coach who lived in a lot of countries form a very early age.

This episode takes a deeper analysis on the mental and personal effects and questions that moving to a new country generates from the perspective of an expert on the topic who talks and helps expats in her daily life.

How does it affect kids to move at early ages?

What makes you consider a place your home?

The influence of languages in our experiences abroad and much more in this 19th episode.

Podcast 4:Finding Your Home In The World – Unscripted Dreams

Episode Notes
In this episode we are joined by Lea Mison, founder of Act for Change and Expat Coach. Lea shares her insights on the challenges faced by people who are transitioning out of the workforce, the importance of understanding and respecting different cultures, and the work she does with young people who have experienced trauma. Lea shares insights on how to approach these issues in a productive and positive way, and talks about her upcoming book, Emerging Figures. This episode is full of valuable information and advice for anyone looking to make a change in their life, or support others who are going through difficult times. Connect with Lea and learn more about her work here:www.leamisan.comwww.actforchange.org.uk
Exciting news! I am thrilled to announce that I was recently featured on a podcast episode discussing finding your home in the world. It was an incredible experience to share my insights and learnings about global nomads with the host of Unscripted Dreams, Marcus Turner and listeners. I encourage you all to check out the episode on Finding Your Home In The World – Unscripted Dreams | Podcast on Spotify and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you to the wonderful team at Unscripted Dreams who made this opportunity possible!
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